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Black Lives Matter

There should be no mystery as to why I feel compelled to do what I can to bolster this global transformation.

The intent that I put into this artwork is well reflected in the symbols it contains.

There is a long road ahead of us.

Stay safe ❤

BLM symbology


  • Rainbow

    • Diversity

    • Transfiguration

    • Reconciliation

  • Rising Sun

    • A new way of being

    • Salvation

  • Stars

    • We are all made of star stuff

    • Infinite possibility

    • Totality

  • Earth

    • All of us. The outcry we are hearing across our entire planet.

  • Seven raised fists

    • 7 continents

    • Exceptional value

    • Transformation and unification of all hierarchical orders

    • Reintegration

    • Stability

    • Willful action

  • Fourteen large stars on skin

    • Fusion

    • Organization

    • Justice

    • Sacrifice

  • Twenty large stars

    • Continuity

    • Intensification

    • Return to unity

    • New beginnings

    • Harmony

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