The official Oregon Country Fair inspired Tarot deck!


Cards measure 3.5" x 5.75", printed on 300 gsm cardstock, in a specially designed tuck-top box, guide book included.



The Oregon Country Fair is an annual three day festival held in the magical forests of the Willamette Valley since 1969.
It is a place of wondrous experiences! Every year, thousands of people return to the site to nourish their souls & bask in the serendipity it cultivates.

The  colorful designs within this deck are inspired by the characters & locations, flora & fauna quintessential to The Oregon Country Fair & the Pacific Northwest. 

May the love & energy that surrounds this place aid you on your journey!

Here's what people are saying about the OCF tarot:

"I LOVE this deck! It's amazing on many levels. It is conceptually fresh. The artwork is so good! I love how the Fair is woven throughout."


"I set time aside for meeting and introducing myself to the cards. The glorious energy and love that you put into therm us obvious... I am a joyful, laughing and crying, living  in the moment person,  but I was surprised by the guttural catharsis of seeing each card"


"...Such a thoughtful and beautiful Tarot Deck."


"I've got to say I'm amazed . What a wonderful work of art. I'm in awe of your time energy and thought process you've put into this beautiful masterpiece ."

Oregon Country Fair Tarot Deck

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